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美國歐普拉斯 Opulus PyroButton PB-TH系列本安防爆型EO滅菌溫濕度記錄儀

品牌 美國歐普拉斯 Opulus
型號 PyroButton
目錄 美國歐普拉斯 Opulus > 溫濕度傳感器
行業一般工業 , 批發零售 , 化學生物 , 化工
領域 食品加工


PyroButton是一個封裝在16mm厚的不銹鋼外殼內的計算機芯片。由于其采用獨特的堅固外殼,可以將最新信息隨人或目標物體攜帶到任何地 方。
實際上由于鋼制的PyroButton外殼足夠堅固,可承受室內或室外的各種苛刻環境,使得PyroButton幾乎可以安裝在任何地方。例如冷藏運 輸車、沼氣池、醫藥溫濕度柜、化工倉儲間等等。
它利用其不銹鋼‘外殼’作為電子通信接口,每個外殼都具有一個數據觸點,稱作“盒蓋”,以及一個接地觸點, 稱作“盒底”。這些觸點都被連接至內部硅片。盒蓋是外殼的頂部;盒底則由外殼的邊緣和底部組成,包括一個便于按鈕附著在其他任何物件的凸緣。這兩個觸點由 聚丙烯扣環隔離。
每個PyroButton外殼內部的芯片都有一個由激光刻入、不可更改的唯一地址。該地址(例如0000000B2A28)可作為每個記 錄儀的全球唯一序列號或者標識。

  • 本安防爆,適用于易燃易爆場合以及EO滅菌溫濕度記錄
  • 通過美國21 CFR Part 11 認證
  • 高精度
  • 電池壽命最長達10年
  • 5點NIST校驗可選
  • 數據管理軟件,顯示溫濕度數據曲線以及導出Excel等格式的數據表
  • 超小體積,使用極其簡單方便
  • 溫度型(高低溫)、溫濕度型可選


Temperature and temperature/humidity data-loggers

PyroButton - We offer the smallest (17mm x 6mm), most accurate, having the best reproducibility, and cost effective calibrated data-loggers.

Key Benefits to the User

  • Each data-logger is calibrated at 5-pints relative to NIST reference and the calibration is verified prior to shipment
  • Each measurement is corrected relative to the calibration curve.
  • Data integrity protection for 21 CFR Part 11 requirement.
  • Calibration corrections are automatically calculated for each temperature measurement
  • Certificate of Calibration is included for each data-logger
  • The data-loggers can be chemically sterilized & depyrogenated due to their hermetically sealed stainless steel housing
  • High Throughput Adapters are available, which hold 8, 16, 32, or 50 data-loggers for simultaneous programming or downloading of data
  • The data-loggers can be integrated to Self-powered communication network for global data management
  • Critical Control Points can be determined by utilizing Computer Aided Temperature distribution mapping program
  • Data-acquisition simulation ensures optimized battery life span
  • PyroButton is easy to learn and simple to operate

Return-On-Purchase-Investment (ROPI)

  • Low purchase cost ensures rapid Return-On-Purchase-Investment
  • Low calibration cost ensures low cost of compliance
  • Low maintenance cost ensures low cost of operation
  • On-line training ensures low cost of implementation
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance ensures investment security

Key features

  • Food compatibility is approved by the European Community and the US FDA
  • Rugged stainless steel housing - resistant to water, chemicals, shock, physical stress; it can be sterilized and chemically depyrogenated
  • Calibrated at 5 points
  • Size 6 mm x 17 mm (button type)
  • Battery life expectancy up to 10 years
  • No external charger is required
  • Temperature range -40 to +85°C or 0 to 125°C (depending on the model)
  • Temperature resolution ±0.0625°C or ±0.5°C (depending on the model)
  • Temperature accuracy ±0.1°C or ±0.5°C with calibration correction
  • Sampling rate 1 sec to 273 hr or 1 min. & to 255 min (depending on the model)
  • Data acquisition capacity 8196 or 2048 (depending on the model & resolution settings)
  • Three measure modes: continuous, start/stop, or start/preset
  • PyroButton-Basic, or PyroButton-Standard, or PyroButton-SQL is required for program upload or data download
  • All three (3) software are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Graphical output of data and Excel compatibility
  • Browser & wizard technology have been integrated for easy learn and simple operation
  • Plus many more features


3.6 V內置鋰電,可用大約3-5年(取決于測量間隔)
±0.5°C,±3% RH
-20 to +85°C;單溫度型最高到125 °C
-20 to +85°C;濕度:10 - 90% RH

Data-logger comparison chart

  PyroButton-G PyroButton-L PyroButton-T PyroButton-TH
Size 17x6 mm 17x6 mm 17x6 mm 17x6 mm
Temperature range -40°C -...+85°C -40°C -...+85°C 0°C -...+125°C -20°C -...+85°C
Humidity range - - - 0 - 100% RH
Temperature resolution 8 bit: 0.5°C 8 bit: 0.5°C
11 bit: 0.0625°C
8 bit: 0.5°C
11 bit: 0.0625°C
8 bit: 0.5°C
11 bit: 0.0625°C
Humidity resolution - - - 8 bit: 0.64% RH
11 bit: 0.04% RH
Temperature accuracy ±0.5°C (-30°C ... +70°C) with calibration ±0.1°C (-10°C ... +65°C) with calibration ±0.1°C (0°C ... 125°C) with calibration ±0.1°C (-10°C ... 65°C)
with calibration
Humidity accuracy - - - ±1.0% RH (10% RH ... 90% RH) with calibration and software correction
Data acquisition capacity 2048 (8 bit) 8192 (8 bit)
4096 (11 bit)
8192 (8 bit)
4096 (11 bit)
8192 (8 bit)
4096 (11 bit)
Sampling rate 1 min. ... 255 min 1 sec. ... 273 h 1 sec. ... 273 h 1 sec. ... 273 h
Start delay max. 45 days 31 years 31 years 31 years
Battery life expectancy Up to 10 years Up to 10 years Up to 10 years Up to 10 years

Product code Description
100-IBE-001-100 PyroButton-G
Sensor and electronics are housed in a 305 ss food grade housing (i.e., FDA approved for use in food processing) of 17 mm diameter and 6 mm height. It is the smallest data-logger on the market.
Self-powered temperature device (-40 to +85°C), Temperature resolution ±0.5°C, Temperature accuracy ±0.5°C Calibrated at 5-points relative to NIST or International reference. Each measurement is corrected relative to the calibration curve. Data integrity protection for 21 CFR Part 11 requirement.
100-IBE-003-100 PyroButton-L
Intrinsically Safe. Sensor and electronics are housed in a 305 ss food grade housing (i.e., FDA approved for use in food processing) of 17 mm diameter and 6 mm height. It is the smallest data-logger on the market.
Self-powered temperature device (-40 to +85°C); Temperature resolution ±0.0625°C, Temperature accuracy ±0.2°C Calibrated at 5-points relative to NIST reference. Each measurement is corrected relative to the calibration curve. Data integrity protection for 21 CFR Part 11 requirement.
100-IBE-004-100 PyroButton-T
Intrinsically Safe. Sensor and electronics are housed in a 305 ss food grade housing (i.e., FDA approved for use in food processing) of 17 mm diameter and 6 mm height. It is the smallest data-logger on the market.
Self-powered temperature device (0 to 125°C), Temperature resolution ±0.0625°C, Temperature accuracy ±0.2°C Calibrated at 5-points relative to NIST reference. Each measurement is corrected relative to the calibration curve. Data integrity protection for 21 CFR Part 11 requirement.
100-IBE-005-100 PyroButton-TH
Intrinsically Safe. Sensor and electronics are housed in a 305 ss food grade housing (i.e., FDA approved for use in food processing) of 17 mm diameter and 6 mm height. It is the smallest data-logger on the market.
Self-powered temperature/humidity data-logger Temperature (-20 to +85°C), ±0.0625°C resolution, ±0.3°C accuracy Humidity (3.4 – 97.3% RH), resolution ± 0.04% RH, ±2% RH accuracy Calibrated at 5-temperature points relative to NIST reference and 5-humidity points. Each measurement is corrected relative to the calibration curve. Data integrity protection for 21 CFR Part 11 requirement.
100-IBE-006-100 PyroButton-E
Intrinsically Safe. Sensor and electronics are housed in a 305 ss food grade housing (i.e., FDA approved for use in food processing) of 17 mm diameter and 6 mm height. It is the smallest data-logger on the market. Self-powered temperature device (15 to 140°C), Temperature resolution ±0.0625°C, Temperature accuracy ±0.2°C Calibrated at 5-points relative to NIST reference. Each measurement is corrected relative to the calibration curve. Data integrity protection for 21 CFR Part 11 requirement.



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